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Trading Places: How to Successfully Relocate HQ

  Chris Unwin TalkTalk announced in January the move of their head office from London to Manchester, while EY reported that over a third of financial services businesses they track are considering or have already decided to relocate senior roles as part of post-referendum planning. There are myriad reasons why a business might explore the […]

Diversity and the Performance Relationship

Dr Mike Rugg-Gunn Diversity at work means different things to different audiences; traditional definitions include reference to race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, ability and sexual orientation. It can be viewed as a source of information, knowledge and expertise that delivers positive team outcomes as well as a factor creating subgroups within the team that may […]

Founder Succession: The Route to Positive Transition

Chris Unwin There is no more pivotal or emotional management change than transitioning a founder-owner CEO. They are by definition, the heartbeat of a business, central to its culture, success and identity. At the time that external investment comes from Private Equity the question always arises: “how long do we back them for?” There is […]

Developing a Technical Expert to be an Effective Leader

Picture the scenario: the technical expert is appointed to lead the technical team and expectations are high on both sides. However, six months later and the appointment has turned sour; the team feel they are being micromanaged in every direction; the new manager is struggling with the transition from manager of projects to leader of […]

Social Processes that Undermine Board Decision-Making

The recent report by the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Independent Evaluation Office suggests that the IMF’s top team made a number of serious misjudgements during the Greek financial crisis resulting from poor governance and a lack of accountability and transparency. Following closely on the heels of the publication of Sir John Chilcot’s Iraq Inquiry report, […]